PIVX is a multifaceted community-centric endeavor in the blockchain tech and cryptocurrency realms.  What we mean by that is this:  There are many components of what and who PIVX is and why PIVX was manifested.  To start with the basics though:

What is PIVX?

The name is an acronym for Private Instant Verified Transaction(X).

PIVX is a transactional security and privacy-focused decentralized open source cryptocurrency.

What does that mean?

It means that at its core, PIVX is designed, engineered, and evolving with the best practices and developments to ensure your transactional security and privacy.

Okay, now what does THAT mean?

It means we believe that you have the right to exchange privately and securely, without interference from corporatocracy pressures, governmental influences, prying eyes, and nefarious individuals and movements.  It means that we believe in this modern age it’s time to allow individuals to exchange and use their wealth how and when they want, with a peace of mind that their transactions are occurring in a rapid fashion, and in a private and verified manner.

Launched on Feb 1st, 2016 under the name of Darknet (DNET), after developments and increased community involvement, it was decided to professionally rebrand and officially change the name to PIVX to more accurately reflect the underpinnings of the community ideals and ideologies being hard coded into the cryptocurrency.

The main goal of PIVX is to achieve near instant private transactions and a governance that helps sustain the network for the benefit of all of the users involved. While we are well on our way to achieving this, some of the features are under development and should appear in the near future.

There are a number of reasons that combined, make PIVX a great secured investment.  By secured, we mean: Surety and stability of the development and teams working to support the coin (thus, the coin is NOT a pump and dump coin or designed to be a money grab).  We also mean that the inherent technology provides a level of safety for your privacy and information that other coins do not.

      1. PIVX is the first POS coin based on Bitcoin 0.10.x core (and currently going to 0.13.2) which means it is more up to date than most other PoS digital currencies that commonly use a lower Bitcoin core version.
      2. PIVX is an open source crypto currency based on DASH so it inherited its core technologies such as Masternodes, Private transactions, and Instant Transactions.
      3. PIVX uses Blackcoin’s improved Proof of Stake 3.0 protocol instead of Proof of Work. So it is more efficient in keeping the network secure than PoW.
      4. PIVX had no ICO nor existing pre-mine as it was publicly burnt.
      5. PIVX employed a professional media company for its new logo and website development
      6. PIVX uses an innovative variable Seesaw Reward Balance System that dynamically adjusts its reward to masternodes and staking nodes. There is a technical whitepaper for the above feature. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G58gtDdQtT-8kV8Fu7_764Fxn0i5fs0jGURvz8KJlTE/
      7. PIVX has an active community on multiple social networking sites such as BCT, Slack, Reddit, Twitter, Riot etc with Slack being the most active and where all the devs hang about. Auto-join link for Slack is http://slack.pivx.org/
      8. PIVX community also uses Trello for publicly accessible task planning and management
      9. PIVX has a highly active, accessible and responsive development team. (always open to new devs)
      10. PIVX is available to trade on multiple exchanges including Bittrex with plans to be added to larger exchanges.
      11. PIVX currently has a monthly decreasing block reward inflation with it reaching its final low inflationary rate of approx. 4.8% pa beginning mid-May 2017.
      12. PIVX has a repository of guides with more planned including video guides and materials. https://darknet-crypto.atlassian.net/wiki/display/DG/Darknet+Guides
      13. PIVX has had consistently higher profitability percentage compared to other digital currencies utilizing masternodes such as DASH since launch and even now.
      14. PIVX will remove coinjoin method of DASH and implement a FULL TIME modified libzerocoin protocol. This will make it one of the most advanced PoS anon crypto.
      15. PIVX has at least 6 core developers (as of writing this in mid-Feb 2017) with more potentially joining soon. All developers who can contribute are welcome!