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Before PIVX

Decentralized systems are great, but when they are controlled by a few and not focused on the community or by the community, your wealth and privacy are not ensured.


PIVX provides you with your very own personal wealth security and the means to secure your current and future transactions, privately.

What’s the big deal

Over PIVX Masternodes?

PIVX Masternodes are like your very own secured savings account.  You deposit 10,000 PIVX, and you are rewarded with 1 PIVX masternode.  This entitles you to earn rewards (think interest), as well as participate in the governance of PIVX itself. Rather than the bank telling you what to do, you control your wealth and well, the bank itself!  Better yet, your funds never leave your possession, and you remain securely in control at all times.

The bid deal is that these Masternodes can become quite valuable over time, as they become the foundation of the PIVX community and network..

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Tech Specs
  • 10,000 PIVX / Masternode
  • Must be in a wallet
  • Need dedicated IP address
  • 24hr uptime is ideal
Masternode Perks
  • Participate in PIVX Governance
  • Earn Masternode Rewards
  • Commodity option for future sale
  • Help secure the PIVX network
See-Saw Balance System
  • Dynamically adjustable block reward size
  • Reward split between Masternode and Staking Node
  • More Masternodes = Smaller reward portion of each PoS block but larger portion paid to Staking Nodes
  • Balance incentivization – community adjusts coin dispersion based on maximized rewards unilaterally restoring optimum equilibrium.

Reward split between Masternodes & Stake Nodes


Reward dedicated to budget system


Threshold % (MN to Total Coin supply) when 50%+ of the reward goes to staking nodes


It’s time you regained
control over your own privacy and wealth.

The majority of crypto currencies that make use of masternodes, split their block reward per block equally between the mining and masternode distribution mechanisms. The intended fairness of this reward distribution can be subverted by the growth of masternodes held by large investors without limits leading to potential centralization of the budgeting system much like having a majority shareholder in a company. The additional benefits of masternodes can lead to less number of users conducting Proof of Stake (PoS) mining activities and thus lowering the security of the PoS network.

To promote an even ratio between staking nodes and masternodes in the network, the PIVX team has developed a variable Seesaw Reward Balance System that dynamically adjusts its block reward size between masternodes and staking nodes. 

What is a Masternode?

No need to stress.  We have you covered.

Masternodes are mighty elements of the PIVX network.  On the one hand, you can think of them as your very own private savings account (you put 10,000 PIVX into a locked account, and in return you are rewarded with interest).  On the other, Masternodes are what help secure the community and relay transactions across the network.

Personal Wealth

Secure your wealth and protect your investments by obtaining a PIVX masternode to earn rewards.

Protect Privacy

With each Masternode, the ability to protect your privacy increases as the community network grows stronger.

True Governance

Every masternode gets to participate in the underlying governance of PIVX. No more centralized decision making.

Solid Code

With a solid DEV team, the evolution of PIVX continues to build upon secure foundations and principals.

The Primary Functions

of PIVX Masternodes.

Masternodes are nodes running the same wallet software on the same blockchain to provide extra services to the network.  These services include coin mixing for increased privacy of transactions, instant transactions and a decentralized governance that provides a decentralized budgeting system with an immutable proposal and voting systems.

What masternodes do for you

For providing such services, you (the masternodes) are also paid a certain portion of reward for each block. This can serve as a passive income for you over the lifetime of the masternode.

How do I run a Masternode?

In order to run a PIVX masternode, you must dedicate 10,000 PIVX to the network (however, these coins remain yours and never leave your possession). Think of it like pledging 10,000 PIVX to support the network. Those PIVX can be moved or spent at any time – doing so simply removes the masternode from service and makes it ineligible to receive rewards.

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February 21, 2017

Welcome to PIVX Masternode

Hey There, On behalf of all of us, we wanted to welcome you to PIVX Masternode.  We're thrilled to be able to help you on this journey, and we'll be around to help our whenever we can. As alway, there are plenty of other ways to communicate with the PIVX…
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February 21, 2017

Setting Up A PIVX Masternode Using Coinserver.

This was originally posted over at: https://pivx.wordpress.com/ I struggled for about a month with the decision whether to set up a PIVX Masternode (MN) hosted on a remote server, or simply continue to Stake using my QT wallet.  I decided to go ahead and set one up for comparison so I…
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March 14, 2017

Raspberry Pi Masternode Setup

Head over to the forum for the most up to date guides. https://forum.pivx.org/t/updated-edited-raspberry-pi-masternode-setup/ ----------------------------------------------------- This guide is intended for people that understand at least some computer/networking basics. To begin this guide you must have already imaged an sd card with raspbian and have it connected to your router via ethernet.…
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